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Background Verification/ Check play’s a crucial role in the operations of any private investigation agency. At GS Detective Agency, our highly skilled Private Detectives have access to restricted and up-to-date data sources, ensuring reliable and accurate information. We offer customised Background Check or Background Verification Investigation service tailored to our clients specific needs.

Whether you require verification or debunking of facts on a particular topic, or in-depth research and comprehensive profiling of an individual, we have you covered. Our team of Private Detectives delivers organised and professional Background Verification reports, containing all the information we uncover related to your case.

While technology and online searches are valuable resources, they are not the sole means of background investigation. Physical visits to court houses, meetings with county clerks, visits to libraries or public agencies, and interactions with press or media groups may be necessary for certain cases. Our experienced investigators know the best places to search for information, whether in physical or electronic format.

It is important to note that access to databases is not freely available to all. Private investigation firms like GS Detective Agency undergo a thorough screening process to gain access to secure databases. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, ensuring our competence in conducting investigations.

GS Detective Agency specializes in various types of background checks like background check for marriage including marriage background checks and employee background checks. GS Detective Agency follows a systematic approach for conducting background checks:

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Background Check for Marriage

Marriage background checks are essential for ensuring trust and security in a lifetime commitment. It helps verify credentials, personal information, and character traits, minimising the risk of entering into a troubled marriage.

Background Verification for Marriage Includes:

Financial background: Checking the financial status of the individual or business.
Job and business status: Verifying the employment or business details.
Social reputation: Assessing the reputation of the person in their social circle.
Review of bad habits: Investigating habits like smoking, drinking, drug use, and smoking.
Temperament assessment: Evaluating the individual’s temperament and personality traits.
Extramarital affair investigation: Looking into any signs of involvement in extramarital affairs.

These components are crucial for assessing the suitability and trustworthiness of a potential partner before entering into a marriage. Our thorough background checks provide valuable insights to help individuals make informed decisions about their future.

Background Check For Employment

Employee background checks are crucial in the hiring process, reducing uncertainty and helping you identify candidates who are a good fit for your company. These checks can include verification of previous employers, behaviour assessment, financial statements, criminal records, and more.

Background Verification for Employee Includes:

Former/ Previous Employers
The Behaviour or Nature of Employee
Statement of Bank or a Salary
Inspecting any Criminal Proceeding or Records
Any Bad habit, Drug Addicts, etc.

Please note that the time and effort required to complete a background check will vary based on the client’s specific requirements and the depth of investigation needed. Our professional private detectives gather reliable information to produce high-quality reports. We may uncover additional information during the process, which could lead to further investigation if necessary.

At GS Detectives, we prioritise understanding our clients’ problems and specific needs. We approach each case with honesty, accuracy, and confidentiality. With a strong network across India and ties with professional background check companies in India, we provide reliable and dependable investigative services for both personal and corporate clients.

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